At Korrisoft, we offer attractive investment opportunities to individuals who would like to take part in the collective process of helping the borrowing community. In the process, you can enjoy solid returns on your investments.

Why Invest In Us?

Up until recently, investing in consumer credit was an option that was only available to banks and larger business institutions. However, (P2P) peer-to-peer lending has changed all that.

Within a P2P financing framework, one or more investors typically fund a borrowing party, depending on the volume of the lending amount. As such, we offer our investors the chance to access this lucrative asset class and take advantage of solid returns on their investments. 

The KorriSoft Advantage

Following are some of the advantages of investing with us:

  • Reduced Volatility – You do not have to bear with the highs and lows of the stock market since your investments with us have very little correlation with that financial institution.
  • Monthly Cash Flow – As a borrower repay his/her loans, you begin to receive payments from us on the principal and interest. This can lead to cash flows ranging from 2-4% every month.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis – From prepayments to delinquencies to everything in between we track and model every bit of data; big and small. And this model is refined and updated regularly by comparing it with actual results. This result is 90.5% of loans that are either current or have been fully paid.  

How Does It Work?

Once you have opened an account with us, you can then browse through the loans to pick out the ones you would like to invest into. We have graded each loan from high to low with respect to two factors – interest rate and risk of default.

Depending on your risk tolerance and investment objectives, you can manually choose from the loans and invest a token sum and top it up every three, six or nine months. Alternatively, you could provide us your requirements and our auto strategy algorithm will produce a custom plan for you.

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