Over time, existing loans can become either too risky or simply too expensive for you. This is natural since long-standing loans are subject to changes in interest rates and/or lender’s terms and conditions.

If you are struggling with repayment of an existing loan, then KorriSoft has you covered with its flexible refinancing solutions. Basically, we help you clear off the original loan and create a new one that is better suited to your repayment abilities.

How Does It Work?

Say you have a long-standing credit card debt that has been accumulating interest despite you making minimum monthly payments.

When you apply for refinancing with us, we will analyze your repayment abilities and accordingly and design plans for you with improved features.

Each refinancing plan will be different from the other in terms of interest rate, monthly payments and the total period of payment.

Once you choose a plan and pay a nominal processing fee, we shall pay off your existing credit card bill.  You may begin paying us back from the next month, on the new terms of payment. It is that simple.

What Kinds Of Refinancing Options Are Available?

We currently provide refinancing for the following:

  • Credit card bills
  • Debt consolidation
  • Student loans     


How to Apply?

You will need you to fill up a simple form that describes the type of existing loan as well as your financial capabilities. After verifying your details, we shall create refinancing options for you and email the same to you.

Then you need only tell us the option that suits you the best, pay the processing fee and you can bid goodbye to your existing loan headaches.

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