It is not uncommon to see young people put aside their dream of a formal college or grad school education to find a full-time job that pays their bills and hopefully lets them save for college in the future.

Then there are those who do get accepted into a prestigious college only to discover they cannot afford the tuition costs and thus compromise on a less expensive second or third choice schools.

KorriSoft Student Loans

We understand the importance of education and we would like you to have the kind of college education that you rightly deserve. In fact, our student loan schemes are designed so as to accommodate costs that were not computed into your initial loan assessment.

Apart from comprehensive college and grad school study loans, we also provide smaller loans (up to $15,000) for short-term skill augmentation and/or upgrade courses. 

How To Apply?

We will need you to fill out the loan request form with your loan requirements and financial information such as bank account, savings etc. We will also need proof of your college admission as well as your standardized test scores.

We shall perform the necessary background checks from our end and offer the best plans from which you have to choose one that you find most attractive. Once you pay the processing charges, your loan amount will be directly transferred to your bank account within 4-6 working days.

Please note that during your college term, we will also semester based updates on your scores to ensure our money is being rightly utilized by you in achieving a proper college education.